Vectorworks Tips 454 – Workflows – Create Objects From Shapes

Your workflow is the way that you work, the way that you use a tool/technique and then move onto the next tool/technique. As Vectorworks changes and updates every year you need to keep an eye on your workflows to ensure that you are using the latest and most efficient methods. This workflow is one that I use all the time to speed up modelling and drawing. Tools like the massing model, hardscape, property line, etc., are polyline-based objects that have their own modes for drawing. I often find that these modes are not the most efficient way to draw.

Instead of using the tool, I create the complex shape from a series of simple basic shapes (rectangles, circles, ovals, etc.) that I add together.
This is an fast and easy way to create complex shapes. That is half of the workflow.
The next step is to use the Create Objects From Shapes… command. This command lets you create many types of objects from the original shape.
Combining these two techniques into a workflow is the fastest and easiest way to create complex objects.
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