SST_1706 – Irrigation

Cover ImageVectorworks has had irrigation tools for some time. In the past, the problem was that the irrigation tools were not suitable for real-world irrigation design.
The new irrigation tools are designed to address these challenges. There are several parts to the suite of irrigation tools. You have to choose the appropriate tool for the job that you want complete.
You can create hydrozones, irrigation outlets, water main lines, drip zones, etc. Each of these has a different tool for controlling the specifics. You can create an irrigation network that knows the the total water flow of the network, the water flow down each branch of the network, and the required pressure for each outlet.


  • Introduction
  • Beginner Topics
    • Hydrozone
    • Irrigation
    • Drip Zone
  • Intermediate Topics
    • Hydrozone Tags
    • Detailed Irrigation
    • Controlling The Drip Line Direction
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