SST_1705 – Introduction to InteriorCAD XS

Cover ImageInteriorCAD XS is a plug-in for Vectorworks. In fact, it is a suite of plug-in tools. It does not come as a standard installation; it is something that you have to purchase in addition to Vectorworks.
Vectorworks 2017 has a new custom cabinet tool that is a derivative of InteriorCAD. InteriorCAD comes in two suites: InteriorCAD XS, which we will be looking at, and InteriorCAD, which is the fuller, more complex version for kitchen manufacturing. In this manual, we will only be looking at InteriorCAD XS.

Vectorworks comes with basic cabinets and the custom cabinet tool mentioned above. These are often enough for some designers; however, some designers want to have more flexibility in their ability to design cabinetry. In this case, InteriorCAD XS is a good solution.
There are two main tools with InteriorCAD. There is a classic cabinet tool, which will only work on the Windows version of Vectorworks, and the custom cabinet tool, which will work on both the Macintosh and Windows versions. Classic cabinets cannot be converted into custom cabinets.
In the basic part of this manual, we will look at both the classic and custom cabinets. We will look at cabinet design and construction as well as the back and the plinth (kick). In order to explain how to design cabinets, we will create a series of kitchen cabinets by using the classic cabinet tool and the custom cabinet tool.
In the intermediate part of this manual, we will look at construction, materials, and textures for both the classic and custom cabinets.

  • Introduction
  • Beginner Topics
    • Classic Cabinet
    • Cabinet 3D
    • Wine Rack
  • Intermediate Topics
    • Materials
    • Controlling the Carcass
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