Getting Started Special Interest Group January 2017

In this session we looked at the Resource Manager. This was introduced with Vectorworks 2017 and it does mean reorganising your default content. In the past default content was in one folder (Defaults) but with Vectorworks 2017 the default content is now into folders (Defaults and Object Styles). So we looked at this concept of the default content and then we also looked at the concept of object styles.

Topics covered:

  • 00:14    introduction to the Resource Manager. It’s important to understand how to use the Resource Manager because it is fundamental to effectively using Vectorworks. The Resource Manager give you quick access to the resources that you need to draw (hatches, line types, textures, wall styles, et cetera). Many tools and commands have what is known as Default Content stored in the Application Folder, User Folder, or a Workgroup Folder. The default content has been broken into two types: default (things like hatches, gradients, line types, et cetera) and object styles (things like walls, slabs, plants, et cetera). We carefully worked through the location of these libraries and we also spent some time looking at the concept of using a single library file to store all the default content that you want. This looks to be a powerful solution to the annual problem of upgrading all of your default content. In this movie you will see a single file being used as a favourite in the Resource Manager that contains all the default content required. The way the Resource Manager has been embedded into Vectorworks, knows what resources it should be looking for and so when you look through your favourites file, the resource Manager only shows you the resources required, instead of showing you all the resources that might be in that file.
  • 15:05    we also looked at what to do with resources that might be missing. In this example we tried to use a slab and we looked for slab styles in the favourites file, but found there were none. So we looked at how we can import those slab styles from another file that did contain them and we brought them into a single library file. We also looked at how to filter information on your Resource Manager. In order to help rationalise our single library file, we could make folders and put our resources and folders. Vectorworks 2017 allows you to create folders for all resources, so in this example we created a slab style folder and we put all of our slab styles in there. The thing to look out for is that the folders can only contain a single type of resource (you can’t store text styles in a slab style folder).
  • 24:08   while we were looking at the Resource Manager we also looked at the concept of doors. Doors in Vectorworks 2017 have an ability to use an Object Style. An object style is halfway between a plug-in object and a symbol and you get to choose how much the object style in the resource manager controls the object in the drawing. For example, you could have a door object style with the only thing you are allowed to change was the door number and all the rest of the door settings were controlled by the symbol in the Resource Manager. This would allow you to create a series of similar doors and if you needed to update these doors, updating the symbol in the Resource Manager would update all of the doors. On the other hand, you can choose to allow a lot of flexibility overreached door in the drawing by choosing the correct options in the symbol settings. We spent some time at this part of the movie looking at these options and making sure that we understood how to create a door style.
  • 40:31    we ended the session with a discussion about line types. Line types can be stored in your Default Content but they can also be stored in your library file. The line types can have two sorts of settings: page units or world units. We discussed the difference between using these two types of settings and where you would use each one. We looked at duplicating line types and then editing them as well.

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    1. The answer is yes… the video quit on me before I realized the line discussion was there. Excellent.

      1. i think session 4 had a good discussion, and the PM architect Special Interest Group in January also had a discussion about it.

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