Vectorworks Tip 374 – Slabs

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Slabs are a hybrid object, which means that they have both 2D and 3D components. An easy way to create a slab is to draw 2D polygon for the plan of the slab. Using the command Create Objects from Shapes…, You can make this polygon into a slab. The slab needs to have thickness and an elevation.


  1. Do these slabs have a unique feature?? Meaning, I could draw a polygon and quickly create a floor which would have thickness and an elevation. I just curious if there is then something else I can do with slabs??

    1. the slabs can have a lot more that just an extrusion. My first suggestion is that the slab retains its fill, where an extrusion will loose ts fill, so in plan you can still see fill of the polygon. Next you might need to keep your object as IFC objects. The extrusion is not automatically an IFC object, but you can make it into one. I have several more tips comming on slabs that might show you why they are useful, so please keep watching.

      1. Oh, I will definitely keep watching !! Also, in my query, I was speaking not of extrudes, but Floors in the AEC menu. I’ve often been frustrated with extrudes, especially in their unique knack of loosing their fill. I was just curious as to “slabs”. . . is there a slab tool?? or are we speaking of the same thing?
        Thanks, again !

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