Architect_076 Architect Special Interest Group August 2015 (pm)

August_076_pmIn this session we looked at creating a window schedule. When people talk about a window schedule there can be two possible things that they are talking about they could be talking about a written report giving the window number the size the configuration information about the window and so on, or they could be talking about an elevation of the windows.

It’s common to create a drawing that shows an elevation of each window. There are two ways that I know of to do this and we showed both of those methods in this session. The first method is to turn each window into a symbol and then use the symbol in the plan and in another layer that you can use for elevations of the windows. Because they are both symbols, the windows will always be up-to-date in both locations. The other way to create your window elevations is to create a section viewport for each window. This can be quite a long and laborious way to create or your window elevations.
The final thing that we covered was how to create a bay window that had a curving roof. To create this window we used three Vectorworks windows, we built a roof above it, then we combined the whole thing into a symbol and inserted it into a wall.
Architect 076 August 2015 pm (m4v file)
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Architect 076 August 2015 pm (mov file)



  1. Hi,
    When you were drawing the corner windows if you make them corner windows and select corner condition in the OIP they will lock to the corner and no matter how wide you make the window they still mitre exactly. You can have a corner post, mitred sash or fixed glass. This is similar to the Windoor tool.
    I started with the wall first.

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