Architect_074 Architect Special Interest Group July 2015 (pm)

There was only one person at this session, so he was able to ask all the questions. The main issues related to a specific project that with a parapet boundary wall and he wanted to know how to create the roof, how to set the roof back to create an internal gutter and how to set the height of the parapet wall so that it followed the roof outline.

The roof needed to be a truncated hip roof (sometimes called a reverse dutch gable). We then used the roof to create the shape for the top of the wall, to give to give the approximate shape for the parapet. Using Clip Surface, we cut back the roof, then used the¬†Extrude Along Path command to create the internal gutter and capping to the top of the parapet (which can also be used to control the elevation of the top of the parapet). While using this command we also looked at editing the path and the profile to control the detail of the 3D model. We finished the session looking at a challenging wall that has bricks up to 900mm (3′) then stucco above, but both faces are supposed to line up with each other.
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Architect 074 July 2015 pm


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