BIM_SIG_050 Architect Special Interest Group July 2014 (pm)

2014-09-24_10-00-46In this session we discussed what types of things you should put in your template file, what types of things should you put your default content, title blocks (particularly the Vectorworks Architect Australia/New Zealand title block) and line types. Topics Covered: Template file vs Default Content

  • what is default content
  • what should you put in your template file
  • if you store your hatches in your default content you can access them just as quickly as if they were part of your template
  • dimension standards cannot be part of default content, they must be part of your template file
  • title block does not have to be stored in your template file, it can be part of your default content

VAA Title Block

  • title block uses symbols to control it
  • title block symbol is stored in the default content
  • when you use the title block the title block symbol is imported into your current file
  • editing the title block symbol
  • importing an image file for the logo
  • editing the font on the title block
  • renaming the title block symbol
  • exporting the edited title block symbol to your user folder or workgroup folder
  • when to use a user folder and when to use a workgroup folder
  • the default location for title block symbols
  • opening the file with the default title block symbols

Sheet Border

  • filling in the information on the sheet border title block
  • the sheet border also uses a symbol to control the look of the title block, this makes it similar to the VAA title block
  • if you update the symbol for the sheet border you can also export it to your default content
  • using automatic drawing coordination

Line Types

  • creating a line type for batt insulation

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