Vectorworks Tip #122 – Doors/Windows – Windoor

Windoor is a Vectorworks plug-in from Australia that allows you to create custom windows and doors. Unlike the standard window or door object, Windoor allows you to put doors and windows in the same frame, much like you would do in reality. Unfortunately, this plug-in is only available to users in Australia and New Zealand, but if you do have a copy that you have previously bought and you live outside these areas, you are able to upgrade it. I find Windoor to be very powerful when creating doors and windows.


  1. Why is this cool plug-in only available in Australia? That does not make sense to me. Wasn’t it developed by Julian Carr? Why doesn’t Vectorworks just incorporate it into their software? So frustrating because I should not have to create these things by scratch.

    1. I wish I knew the answer to that Richard. Windoor was available in the days before Vectorworks had its own door and window objects, and was always able to put doors and windows inside the same frame, much the way many architects work. Until recently, this plug-in was available internationally, but in recent years it’s only been available in Australia and New Zealand. If you have an old copy of Windoor you can still upgraded to the latest version. It would be nice to find out if Vectorworks is going to take up all the functionality of Windoor so that we can all use the same door window objects.

      1. I agree Jonathan. Not having Windoor’s abilities built right in Vectorworks is a regular target that Revit users hit to point out VW’s flaws when I am demo’ing the software. For most things that Revit users bring up, I have a solid defence and a great alternate workflow, but addressing this topic always makes people wonder why there is such a disconnect. I wish Nemetschek would incorporate WinDoor into VW so we can put this shortcoming behind us.

        1. Count me in also. I sometimes think I’m working in a box and no one else is bugged by certain things, but the fact that Windoor has been out there for years and years and we still can not do the most basic of things within our program regarding windows and doors (by basic I mean we are designers and can and do design our openings) in ridiculous and feels like our politics here at home . . . something else must be going on.
          I have asked, others have asked for this for years with no results.
          Thanks for the shot !!

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