SST_1405 – Back to Basics – Worksheets

Cover ImageWorksheets – Worksheets allow you count and schedule items in Vectorworks. For example, you can count all the trees on a site, schedule all the doors on a particular floor of a project, count up and schedule even find the weight of a bracket in a 3D model.

Worksheets are an under used area of VectorWorks and this workshop should open your eyes about what you are able to do with them.
This manual is an introduction to the two basic ways of creating worksheets: finding objects by criteria and reporting by record format. These two techniques are the keystone of using worksheets.

  • Worksheets
  • Area Calculation for Site Coverage
  • Reports – Window Schedule
  • Counting Landscape Objects
  • Other Uses for Worksheets

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  1. Jonathan
    Just signed up for 4 months to your website. First day and I have already learned a couple of new things. Great resources. Should have done this earlier.

    1. Thank you Mark. I’m biased of course, but I think everyone should sign up. Don’t forget to book for the online sessions, they are a lot of fun and really informative.

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