3D Modelling Special Interest Group

Vectorworks is very powerful in 3D modelling and it is usually a lot of fun. But sometimes you need help to understand how to get the best from your 3D model. That’s what this new Special Interest Group is all about. Each month there will be 3D Modelling Special Interest Group to cover the challenges that you are facing with 3D modelling.

The idea behind Special Interest Groups is that you can attend the session and bring your problems along. Jonathan Pickup will be there to answer your question and to point you in the right direction. There might also be other attendees that have different ways of solving the same challenge and they will have an opportunity to give their advice as well. The session will be recorded and it will be available here on the website, but you will have to be a subscriber to book for the sessions and to watch the recorded movies.
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  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Would like to do this special interest group as I know I have so much to learn about 3D modelling but unfortunately the session will be at 4am Perth time. Thankfully you will be posting the sessions on your web site so I can watch them at a better time slot.

    1. lets see how the support goes for the webinar goes. If it gets over subscribed, i can look at setting up other sessions.

  2. Jon,
    I am missing out on your webinars. Where can i go and watch the recordings? I am very interested in the Spaces webinar.

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