Evernote Post-It Notes

I like creating Post-it notes and sticking them into the books that I am reading, for keeping reminders, for making updates in my manuals,  recording ideas for blogs, etc. The problem is that I end up with Post-it notes all over the place. But I found out recently that Evernote allows you to photograph your post it notes install them as part of your Evernote database.

The first step is to create a new note.
Choose the  attach option and then choose the camera.
 When you use the camera option in Evernote, you can choose if you want to take a photograph, a document image, or the Post-it note.
The Post-it note auction is on the far left. Swipe across until you find the post it note.
Line up the note and the camera and take the photo.
Check the image. When you are satisfied, tap on the checkmark to accept the image.
Add a title to your note and then save it. Evernote will then upload this to the server.
Once you have synced your notes, they can be searched.
This gives you a way to save all of your handwritten Post-it notes. You can install the notes in notebooks so that they are kept together with other relevant information.

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