• BIM_SIG_055 Architect Special Interest Group October 2014 (am)

    In the session the users wanted to look at the clip cube, how to use the clip cube to create section viewports, how to create section viewports with a step in the section line, how to control the graphics on a section viewport and how to deal with the gable…

  • Evernote Post-It Notes

    I like creating Post-it notes and sticking them into the books that I am reading, for keeping reminders, for making updates in my manuals,  recording ideas for blogs, etc. The problem is that I end up with Post-it notes all over the place. But I found out recently that Evernote…

  • Making Superscript characters in Vectorworks 2011

    I’ve just had a question from one of my clients. He wants to create superscript characters on his Macintosh, the little squared and cubed symbols we add instead of writing sq.ft, or sq.m.

  • SST_1011 – Intermediate Annotation

    There are several annotation tools in Vectorworks. There are the fundamental tools like the text tool, dimensions, and so on. But there are several other tools that you may not use, because you do not know they are there. That’s what this manual is about.

  • cadmovie563 – Intermediate Annotation Part 9

    The General Notes tool will place notes from your note database. You can specify the location of the notes and you select notes from the database. The General Notes tool can use the same notes database as the callout tool, or you can use different one. If you use the…

  • cadmovie561 – Intermediate Annotation Part 7

    Change the Keynote Order in the Legend. After all the notes are placed, you may not be satisfied about the order of the keynotes. The default order is the order that the keynotes are placed,but this can be changed.

  • epodcast062 -General Notes

    Creating and editing General Notes.  If you have a database of notes, this is a very quick way to create a large number of general notes.

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