BIM_SIG_026 Special Interest Group July 2013

In this session we looked at there topics: creating a custom window symbol, editing the roof of a massing model, and using a 3D polygon to modify a site model.

Topics covered:

  • drawing in screen plane
  • quater arc tool
  • clip cube
  • drawing with automatic planes
  • offset polyline
  • send to back/clip surface
  • extruding the frame to create the window
  • making a symbol of the window
  • setting the correct orientation for a symbol in a wall.
  • duplicating a symbol in a wall
  • using symbol geometry with a Vectorworks window
  • setting classes on the objects in the symbol
  • cant add sills or trims (architraves) on the symbol geometry
  • setting the window ID
  • creating a massing model from a polygon
  • using classes on the massing model
  • send to surface with a massing model
  • using site modifiers with a massing model
  • using custom profile with massing model
  • editing the custom roof profile on a massing model
  • you have to set the massing model options first, before you create the massing model, otherwise you will find a bug in Vectorworks.
  • editing the bearing height of a roof
  • editing the bearing height of a roof with the Reshape tool
  • Sending a polygon to the surface of a site model
  • converting a 3D polygon to a site model
  • updating a site model
  • adding a grade limits (boundary) to the site modlifier
  • adding a site modifier with the freehand tool
  • also look at the Landmark SIG’s

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  1. Thank you for today’s session Jonathan!
    I thought for sure I would have to miss this session, as I am on vacation and not at all easily near a computer. This was bugging me as I had a burning topic that needed some addressing.
    I thought I would take a chance and try attending the webinar via my iPhone (yes, even with its “tiny” screen.”) As it turned out it was actually quite a nice and easy way to attend!
    Knowing that GoToMeeting had an iPhone app, I downloaded that first. Then, when the time came for the session, I clicked on the webinar link from the reminder email. Without any other effort I was connected to the meeting. Using the earbuds that came with my iPhone (which have a mic) the sound was great and, as far as I can tell from others, I could easily be heard (over the sound of the nearby waves.)
    While the webinar was underway I could zoom in on your presented screen using the standard two-finger pinch and I could pan around using a single finger drag. There’s a mute button in the top corner of the app’s screen, so muting and unmuting my mic was simple. Following what was going on and being able to contribute was very easy to do.
    So, despite my initial concern, attending the webinar via an iPhone was actually quite good. I definitely won’t let distance from a computer dissuade me from attending in the future.

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