Education_SIG_005 Education Special Interest Group April 2013

In this session we looked at the resources that have been added to the web site since March 2013. There have been several pages added to the site, and in particular a road map that can be used to understand how the resources relate to each other and can be used to plan the training.

Topics covered:

  • New post added on Graphic Attributes and how this realtes to later exercises.
  • New post added on creating viewports form a 3D model.
  • New post on Extrusions and Modeling
  • New post added on Creating objects, the simple tools.
  • Spiral tool.
  • Triangle tool.
  • Quater arc tool.
  • Spiral tool for landscape and 3D modeling.
  • Using the posts on the web site in order
  • Solar Study
  • Site analysis

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