SST_1304 – Creating Construction Details

Creating construction details is a major part of your contract documentation. But how should you create  these details? Is it possible to use BIM techniques to create all your detailing?
For some projects, using BIM techniques will not give the content all the graphic style required for detailing.

There are lots of manuals, movies, and tutorials about using layers and classes. But there are very few manuals about creating your construction details. One of the manuals about creating construction details was the manual that I wrote in 2009 (SST_0905 Creating Construction Details). That manual still has a lot of very valuable information about creating construction detailing.
This month I intended to update that manual to include newer techniques. The result is that both manuals are still valuable, this manual giving you an overall structure to work with and creating your construction details, and the earlier manual giving you instructions about how to actually assemble details from symbols, tools, and commands.
Table of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Using BIM For Detailing
  • Using Detail Viewports With Section Viewports
  • Using BIM to Create 2D Sections
  • Using a 2D Section to Create Details
  • Drawing 2D Details Separately

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