Viewing this web site with an Android Phone

With the Boxing Day Sales, I decided to get a Nexus 7. A nice looking Android 7″ tablet. I found out to my horror that it does not play the movies on this web site, because the movies are in the wrong format. I know that the movies play on an iPhone and an iPad.

I was very disappointed to find that all the thousands of movies are in wrong format. The tablet has some nice features, but the movie limitations were a complete surprise. I will have to try to find a movie format that plays on computers, iOS and Android devices.
One of the challenges with Android phones is that there are so many different phones and operating systems out there. With iOS, there are a very limited number of options. But with Android, every phone manufacturer can edit the Android system to suit. This means that what works on one phone, might not work on the next one.
I have now discovered what needs to be done.The movie files need to be reformatted and then they will play on the Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and tablet.

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