SST_1207 Annotation Tips and Tricks

We create drawings so that we can communicate our design with others. Annotation is then a fundamental part of our drawings. Annotation is more than just text, it also includes dimensioning tools, systems of labeling and title blocks, and much more.

[ms-protect-content id=”34491,34492,34493, 34494, 34495, 34496, 344927″]We have previously covered basic text and annotation. There is also a manual that covers the callout tool and general notes in detail. The purpose of these notes is not the cover these tools again, the purpose is to show you some of the tips and tricks that I use to speed up my annotation.
Read the manual here. 

  • Text Styles
    • Callout tool
  • Dimensions
  • Other Annotation Tools
    • North Arrow
    • ID Label Tool
    • Room Name Simple
    • Data Stamp
    • Scale Bar
    • Center Line Marker


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