Short Sharp Training for Vectorworks

Every month, I have an series of inline webinars for my subscribers. Over the last 5 years we have covered well over 40 topics, and often I get clients wishing that I would repeat the sessions. I have been asked several times if there is a way to attend just the sessions you want.
There is a way for Vectorworks users to join just the sessions that they want to. The system is called Sort Sharp Training. This system allows you to attend one session at a time. The classes are on line, with only a few people in each class.

You get a PDF manual to accompany the session, so you can read along, or print the manual and make your on notes. The manuals have all the step-by-step instructions, allowing you repeat the techniques you learned in the online session. Over time, these build up into substantial library.
Each session is self contained, so you can attend one, or several sessions. The sessions will repeat each month, and we will be adding sessions as they become requested.
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