The New Offset Tool

With VectorWorks 12.5 Nemetschek North America have updated the offset tool. It would be fair to say that this is a major change to the Offset tool. 
Select the Offset tool.
Look at the Mode bar, see all the new options.  
You no longer have to choose the object that you want to offset BEFORE you choose the offset tool. If you choose the 5th mode then you click on the object to offset, then click on the side to offset it to. this is much faster than it used to be. 
The Offset preferences have been changed as well (the last button on the Mode Bar). 
Notice that you can choose all the mode bar options with the preferences.
Choose whether you use the selected object or you click on each object that you want to offset.
You can offset a duplicate or you can offset the original object. 
You can now offset walls!
This is a big improvement over the old offset tool. It will improve your workflow. 
I found that this new tool made drawing buildings easier because you can offset copies of walls, it has reduced the need to delete lines when I really only needed the offset… 
go, upgrade to 12.5…

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