Repetitive Unit Tool

VectorWorks Architect has a tool called the Repetitive Unit Tool.
I’ve not used this tool a lot, not until I saw someone on the Nemetschek North America chat list that needed a corrugated iron symbol.

I have a corrugated iron symbol and so I tried placing it in the file that the Repetitive Unit tool uses. And it works really well. For Roofing you need to add your symbol file to the following folder on a windows machine:

Program files\VectorWorks 12\Libraries\Defaults\Repetitive Unit\Roofing

and on a Macintosh:

Applications: VectorWorks: Libraries: Defaults: Repetitive Unit: Roofing:

Now when you use the Repetitive Unit tool you will be asked to choose a folder first, choose the Roofing Folder, then you choose a symbol, choose your symbol for corrugated roofing.

Now draw the line for the roof and your corrugated roofing will be created.  The repetitive unit is really useful and can be used for roofing, wall cladding (siding) and for framing.

The podcast this week shows some of these uses…

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