Drawing Details in 3D

A good friend was wondering if it was easy to make 3D details in VectorWorks. I used to this is all the time for small details that would be easier to understand as a 3D view.

We should be asking the building component manufactures to supply us with 3D CAD details. Some of them are starting to look at this but we need to ask them specifically for VectorWorks details so that they learn how many of us there are.

To quote my friend:

“The rational of this being, that as so many details in NZS 3604 are shown as 3D drawings to be able to easily create 3D details like post/beam junction complete with Bomac brackets, washers, bolts & nuts, would be very advantageous. And further, with the greater attention to flashings in E2, to be able to create these little darlings as 3D models in VectorWorks would also be wonderful. Like figure 13 from NZBC E2/AS1. (parapet to wall junction including saddle flashing). It will make it easier to get approval for the drawings, as it will be easier for the approving officer to see what you mean.”

And I guess this means it will be easier for the builder as well…

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