• Architect Special Interest Group February 2017 (am)

    In this session we wanted to look at scheduling and  worksheets and how they could be connected to spaces to create a report. The report might want to list the areas and room names, but it could also be more sophisticated and report other requirements such as occupancy loading, number…

  • cadmovie_1610-08 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 8

    Scalable Worksheets – It has often been a challenge getting your worksheets to fit onto a sheet layer. There was a way to scale your worksheets, which was the use of viewport. This is no longer required.

  • SST_1609 – Quick Concept Modeling

    Vectorworks has the tools and commands to quickly create a concept model. But we want mode than just a few elevations, we need to know if the main site can be subdivided, how large the project can be, and how much it might cost to construct. In this manual we…

  • cadmovie_1609-06 – Quick Concept – Part 6

    Creating A Budget Report – We have created a lot of valuable information, and while it might not seem like it, we have nearly enough to calculate the cost of our project.worksheets and Vectorworks are extremely powerful, allowing us to carry out investigations of areas, but also allowing us to use mathematical…

  • cadmovie_1609-05 – Quick Concept – Part 5

    Creating Proposed Areas Report – Now that we have the report started for the existing areas, we can start to look at creating a report for our proposed site and proposed building.

  • cadmovie_1609-04 – Quick Concept – Part 4

    Creating Existing Areas Report – When you have the accurate areas for the existing house and site, we can use Vectorworks to calculate the percentage cover, the percentage of the site covered by buildings.

  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2016 (am)

    In this session we looked at detail viewports, linked viewports, the callout objects that control these viewports, sheet borders, using worksheets to report objects, and using the worksheets to control the objects.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group April (am) 2016

      Topics Covered: 00:30   Worksheet basics 00:51   plant schedules are worksheets 06:43   placing a worksheet from the library 08:30  locating a plant in the Resource Browser 09:10   placing plants 09:30   plant settings 09:35   edit plot definition (data) 11:37   connection of plants to the plant database 12:00…

  • Interactive Workshops February 2016 (1602) – Building Takeoff

    In these sessions we looked at creating a building takeoff report. In order to do that we covered the basics of creating worksheets (which is the technique we need to use to create a report). We also looked at designing a building takeoff, because while Vectorworks has the ability to report…

  • Vectorworks Tip 376 – Schedule Areas of Components

    Use worksheets to shedule areas of components. If you’re using a wall for example, you might want to schedule the area of the external finish, the internal finish, and the baseboard (skirting). Using components allows you to pack the various wall components and report them individually in your worksheets.

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