Architect Special Interest Group June 2016 (am)

Architect_093_Jun_16_amIn this session we looked at detail viewports, linked viewports, the callout objects that control these viewports, sheet borders, using worksheets to report objects, and using the worksheets to control the objects.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:49   Detail viewport is linked to the plan instance
  • 01:09   Right-click to enter viewport annotations\
  • 01:19   Detail Callout Marker linked to detail plan
  • 01:50   Creating internal elevation from a plan viewport using a section viewport
  • 03:47   Editing the Advanced Properties on the section viewport
  • 04:23   Editing the Layer and Class visibilities on the section viewport
  • 05:13   Editing the Crop of the section viewport and making it visible
  • 05:47   Editing the graphic style of the section line indicator to make it look it look like an elevation, rather than a section.
  • 07:59   Creating the next internal elevation and placing it on the sheet layer.
  • 11:38   Creating a report (worksheet) that will find the drawing labels in viewports
  • 15:03   Editing the criteria on the database header row to ensure that the report finds viewport annotations, sorting the report by sheet number first then drawing number
  • 16:45   Editing drawing label numbers by editing them on the worksheet.
  • 17:57 Creating a new room elevation by duplicating an existing elevation and editing the settings to show the required wall elevation.
  • 20:56   Editing the viewport crop to follow a vaulted ceiling, if the wall has the correct shape, no crop is required.
  • 21:29   Editing the drawing labels to ensure that they are placed consistently.
  • 25:45   Using the drawing label report to locate viewports that have missing or incorrect labels, then editing the labels in the report.
  • 27:35   Sheet numbers cannot be editing using the report, they have to be edited with the Organization dialog box.
  • 30:02   The worksheet cannot re-order sheet numbers or change the stacking order of the sheet layers
  • 36:46   Using reports (worksheets) with title blocks (sheet border)
  • 38:18   Placing a sheet border and changing the look of the tittle block by editing the sheet border symbol
  • 48:03   Using a VAA Title Block instead of a sheet border and creating a Document Transmittal form.

Architect June 2016 am
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