• cadmovie_1607-09 – From 2D To BIM – Part 9

    Creating A Title Block – Now that we have arranged the viewports on a sheet layer, we can add a title block. There are two tools that we can use for this: Sheet Border or VAA Title Block. If you are using the NZ/Aust version of Vectorworks, use the VAA Title…

  • Architect Special Interest Group March 2016 (am)

    Topics covered: Using a worksheet to control title blocks Drawing numbering philosophy Worksheets to control title block and drawing labels Reflected ceiling plans Creating a door symbol Section viewport Hatches

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (am)

    Topics covered: title block (sheet border) creating a custom title block   9:05 stair tool   30:34 stair max/min settings   30:54 custom stair   37:02 import symbol library to Resource Browser favorites 46:48 removing Resource Browser favorites 50:30

  • Landmark_073 Special Interest Group May (pm) 2015

    This session looked at creating a custom sheet border (Title Block). We started with a simple custom title block for the sheep border. We looked at the options on the object info palette to edit the border, edit the scale of the title block, edit the text on the title…

  • Landmark_SIG_073 Special Interest Group May (pm) 2015

    In this session we built a custom title block that would work with the Sheet Border tool. The easiest way to do this is to is to start with the Sheet Border tool, choose the title block symbol that is the closest to your preferred title block, then use the…

  • BIM_SIG_050 Architect Special Interest Group July 2014 (pm)

    In this session we discussed what types of things you should put in your template file, what types of things should you put your default content, title blocks (particularly the Vectorworks Architect Australia/New Zealand title block) and line types.