• cadmovie1501_06 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 6

    Creating a  Simple Wall Style to use Levels If you want to create a wall style that uses levels, then you must create all those levels before you start creating your wall style. Your wall style cannot use your levels until you have created them, and if you create your…

  • cadmovie1501_05 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 5

    Creating Stories, Layers, and Levels If you understand how your levels can be used, then it is time to create your stories, layers and levels. To do this you can use the Organization dialog box.

  • cadmovie1501_02 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 2

    How Layers, Levels and Stories Work Together There is a hierarchy to the structure of layers, levels and stories. Stories control the overall building setup – the heights between the floors of the building. When you are setting up a project, stories would be the first thing to create.

  • Interactive Workshops January 2015 (1501) – Stories, Layers, and Levels

    These sessions followed the online manual and covered the topic of Stories, Layers and Levels. Design layers have been around for a long time, stories have been around for a few years, but levels are new to Vectorworks 2015. The purpose of these sessions was to cover the topics in the manual…

  • SST_1501- Layers, Levels, and Stories

    Design layers are one of the fundamental organizing concepts in Vectorworks, They are used to break the design into manageable chunks but they should not be confused with classes. Use design layers and classes to create the structure for the file which enables the creation of drawings using viewpoints and…