• Landmark_SIG_030 Special Interest Group July 2013

    In this session we looked at two main topics. The first topic was how to set up a two-story building without using stories. The second topic was how to set up unexploded view of a project as in the image to the left.

  • Stories with Vectorworks

    I have just completed an interview with Steve Scaysbook from Konstrukshon. Steve wanted to talk about the Stories concept in Vectorworks. He recorded the interview and have posted a link below. During the discussion we looked at three sketches that I had draw to explain different situations.

  • SST_1301 – Layers and Classes

    Design layers and classes are the two most important organising concepts that you need to understand in order to create drawings in Vectorworks. I still find some users are confused about when to use a layer and when to us a class to organise their drawings. I use three simple…

  • Document Set up – Part 6

    Setting Up Layers for the Building – You can set up the layers at any time. But, you will find it easier to set up the layer heights as soon as you can. The layer settings affect the walls and roof.

  • BIM_SIG_013 Special Interest Group November 2012

    When stories were introduced with Vectorworks 2012 there was a lot of discussion about how to use stories and whether you could use stories in a flexible way to create the type of buildings you wanted. There was also a lot of discussion about how to create split-level houses using…

  • Layers and Classes – Part 3

    Storing a Layer and Class Standard – When you create a Layer and Class Standard, it is important to store it in the correct location so that Vectorworks can use it.

  • Layers and Classes – Part 2

    Creating a Layer and Class Standard – When you create a lot of drawings it’s essential that your drawings are similar to each other in the way they are set up, a standard will do that for you.

  • Layers and Classes – Part 1

    Use More Classes, Use Fewer Layers – Layers should be where you have drawing the information, classes should be what the information is. For example, the walls are drawn on Floor 1, the class tells you that the walls are existing, proposed, or demolished.

  • BIM_SIG_010 Special Interest Group September 2012

    This is the movie from the BIM Special Interest Group, September 2012, creating a BIM workflow, Part 4, setting up drawings using viewports and sheet layers. (evening session)

  • Landmark_SIG_009 Special Interest Group August 2012

    This is the movie from the second session Landmark Special Interest Group, August 2012. We are looking at starting a template file and simple drawing techniques.