• Architect Special Interest Group July 2018 (am)

    In this session, we demonstrated creating Interior Elevation viewports and how to control them, as well as working with Foreground and Background Rendering settings and other viewport tips.

  • Architect Special Interest Group June 2018 (am)

    In this session, we looked at reusing sections for details and we demonstrated the pros and cons of already made 2D details versus hybrid details that combine a live 3D section view with added 2D components.

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2018 (am)

    In this session, we covered attaching Record Formats to objects and using Data Visualization in a viewport to show some attribute that spans classes.

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2018 (am)

    In this session, we covered how slabs and walls can come together—how adding components to slab styles and wall styles can really enhance the level of detail possible in your drawings—and how to create a more flexible detail viewport.

  • Architect Special Interest Group March 2018 (am)

    In this session, we discussed challenges with uploading to the Cloud Services Portal, covered quick line weight and hatching methods to make drawings more readable, and talked about coordination issues with title blocks.

  • Architect Special Interest Group February 2018 (pm)

    In this session, we reviewed whether to put information on a design layer, class, or sheet layer as we discussed how to set up a helpful file template.

  • Architect Special Interest Group February 2018 (am)

    In this session, we created a recession plane, modified slab components to work with a brick-clad wall, modeled a slab edge, imported a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Vectorworks, changed the rendering of Gable Walls, and discussed how to transfer preferred settings from one section to another.

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2018 (am)

    In this session, we made a pivoted door, demonstrated how to make changes to a worksheet, discussed the Downspout and Baseboard plug-ins from A|F Design, looked at the advantage of using Window’s Character Map, and designated the angles of lines to make boundary lines without using the Property Line tool.

  • Architect Special Interest Group December 2017 (pm)

      In this session, we looked at the function of stories and levels compared with design layers, as well as how to easily create elevations.