Vectorworks 2011 is now released

Nemetschek Vectorworks have now announced Vectorworks 2011, and they have released a lot of feature movies on their YouTube web page.

The Vectorworks tech board and email list are full of comments about this upgrade. So far, the comments have been, on the whole, positive. I should think so, this release is one of the most exciting I have seen. There are many, many little improvements to the usability of Vectorworks, and some very big, major changes. The small changes are just nice, and they make it easier to do what you used to do. The big changes will get you thinking about your workflow, because of the changes to walls, slabs and especially the planar graphics.

If you are not drawing the walls using components at the moment, you should. Wall components have had classes for a while, now they have individual 3D control over components. This will let you create complex walls, where the 3D parts have different heights. Setting up floor layers and slab layers can be different, because walls and slabs work together. I’ve always used a wall layer that goes from finished floor to finished floor. Now when you place a slab, the wall will adjust according to the slab settings. I’m so happy, at last my walls will look correct in 3D.

I ran two webinars yesterday on Vectorworks 2011, one for and the other for the New Zealand distributor, I recorded the megabits session and you will find a movie of the Novedge webinar at vimeo.

What’s New in Vectorworks 2011 – for from Jonathan Pickup on Vimeo.

The novedge movie:

Novedge Webinar Series: What’s New in Vectorworks 2011 from Novedge on Vimeo.

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