Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 12 (upgrading to 2008) Customizable HUD (Floating Display Bar)

I really like the new Floating Display Bar, sometimes called the Heads Up Display (HUD):
It’s easy to find because it’s right where you are drawing.
It tries to show the most useful fields first.
It’s customisable.

On the Mode Bar, or tool bar, there is an arrow pointing to the right. Click on this and you can choose options for the HUD.

You can choose to not use the Floating Data bar. And you can show the data on a fixed data bar. This is like the old VectorWorks.

I’ve tried it because it was familiar, but it is not as nice as the new Floating Display bar.

You can choose to have just the main fields… or you can choose to have all the fields shown.

The other nice trick is having instant access to the HUD by using the numeric keypad. This works really well and it’s quick.

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