The “None” Class in Vectorworks – what’s it for?

what is the None class for? I use the None class for things that I want to be visible all the time. On a detail I would draw everything on the None class, I would do the same thing on sections and elevations, draw nearly everything on the None Class.

I use when you draw in VectorWorks you create objects on the Active Layer and on the Active Class. So, if you make a viewport, what is the active layer? If you create the viewport on the wrong class it might get turned off by accident. So it would be better to set the active class to None.

In reality I find that you can leave your active class on None most of the time. This works fine because you can set up your walls to be automatically assigned to the correct class, you can create symbols that automatically get assigned to the correct class, commands like the roof framer can automatically be assigned to the class you choose in the dialog box.

So, beware the active class…

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