• Dealing With Walls – Part 14

    Replacing Wall Styles – I often replace the wall style. For example, you might be drawing an existing building. If you wanted to show the demolished walls, just need to change the selected walls to the demolished wall style.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 13

    Wall Style Library – All your wall styles can be stored in a library. This makes if fast and easy to use your walls on every project.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 12

    Creating Wall Styles – Wall styles are fast to use and can be used on several files. They can automate much of your drawing system.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 11

    Fit Walls to Roof – An easy way to get the walls to follow the roof is to use the command Fit Walls to Roof (Fit Walls to Objects) from the AEC menu.  This command will fit all the selected walls to a 3D object like a roof, extrusion, site model,…

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 10

    Changing the Overall Height of a Wall – You can change the overall height of a wall by changing the ∆Z (Layer Wall Height) of the wall on the Object Info Palette.  Say for example that you want to make the walls at the lower part of the building into balustrade…

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 9

    Changing The Height At The End Of A Wall – Sometimes you want to change the height at one end of the wall.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 8

    Reshaping Walls in 3D – Whether you want your wall to be sloped at the top or have a gable end on it you use the same tool. VectorWorks calls this adding peaks and VectorWorks uses the 3D Reshape Tool to add peaks or move the heights of each part of…

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 7

    Using Walls On Multilevel Plans – Often you have a plan that has walls on several levels.  There are two ways to deal with this, either split your file up into lots of layers, or move the walls once created.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 6

    Healing Walls – If you join walls and then later you delete one of the walls you may be left with a joint.  The joints need to be removed for the walls to draw correctly.

  • Dealing With Walls – Part 5

    Auto-Join Walls – If you set up your wall styles correctly, Auto-join walls with join the core (the structureal parts) of the walls automatically, and you won’t need the component join.