• Vectorworks Tip 410 – Curved Stair

    This is like the simple stair but for curved stairs. This means that it is useful for simpl curved stairs, but it is not useful if you want detailed stair. Like the Simple Stiar, this is great at concept stage.

  • Vectorworks Tip 406 – Simple Stair

    This tool is ideal for creating a Simple Stair, as its name implies. It is not suitable for creating complex stairs or stairs that link between floors. This stair is available in the standard Landmark workspace, but it is not available in the standard Architect workspace. You can add this to…

  • Vectorworks Tip 402 – Custom Stair

    Many people do not like the custom stair tool and it has been removed from the default Vectorworks workspace. In order to find it you will need to customise your workspace, locate the custom stair in the legacy category and add it to your own workspace. The Custom Stair works differently…

  • Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (am)

    Topics covered: title block (sheet border) creating a custom title block   9:05 stair tool   30:34 stair max/min settings   30:54 custom stair   37:02 import symbol library to Resource Browser favorites 46:48 removing Resource Browser favorites 50:30

  • Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (am)

    Topics covered: 3D text along a path 3D curved window   6:19 creating a symbol from the window   14:07 inserting symbol in a wall   16:05 stories for split level projects   21:55 stairs on split level buildings   39:46 clip cube to control viewing   41:49 section viewport…

  • Architect_079 Architect Special Interest Group October 2015 (am)

    The main topics covered: importing and upgrading an old project default attributes unified view and unified view options creating a corner stair and stair tools adding tools to your workspace locating old (legacy) tools and adding these to your workspace editing and managing workspaces

  • Vectorworks Tip #234 – Levels and Stairs

    When you create your stairs, you can choose to connect the start (bottom step) and the end (top step) of your stair to levels. This will allow you to create several levels to control the starting and stopping of stairs so that they matched the various levels in your project.

  • cadmovie1501_04 – Stories, Layers and Levels – Part 4

    Columns, Stairs and Slabs Columns have a top bound and a bottom bound – these control the overall top and bottom of the column. There are several choices… As with the walls and columns, you can use the story settings to control the start and stop of your stairs. But you…