• Architect_058 Architect Special Interest Group November 2014 (pm)

    In this session we looking in detail at how to set up a wall style that uses Design Layers, Levels and Stories to control the elevations of the wall components and how to connect the wall components to slab components.  

  • Vectorworks Tip #113 – Slabs – Slabs

    Slabs are like walls. You can create slab styles that can be stored in your library so that you can use them on all your projects. If you set up your slab styles to work with your wall styles and stories, they will be easier to use, and when you…

  • podcast 184 – How walls and Slabs Interact

    When you set up your wall styles, make sure that you use your wall components to connect and control the slabs. This movie shows you how they connect if you set up the wall and slab styles; it does not show you how to set up the walls and slab…

  • cadmovie1027 – Introduction to BIM – Part 7

    Like walls, slabs can have components, so you can make slabs and ceilings that have several components. The slabs can link to walls and slab components can link to the wall components. So it is really important that you create your walls and slabs in relation to each other.

  • SST_1401 – Introduction to BIM with Vectorworks

    Introduction to BIM – BIM (Building Information Modeling) is not just about drawings, it is about the way you create your design. BIM is not so much about the model as it is about the activity of Building Information Modeling (creating the 3D, creating information and making that information available to…

  • Floors, Slabs, Columns and Pillars – Part 5

    Slab Styles – The slab works like a horizontal wall, and you can create slab styles that make it easy to create complex slabs. Slab styles work with wall styles.