• 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – May 2019

    In this session, we looked at how to join two hollow pipes together. This led us on to how to go back in history to edit a fillet or Shell solid. Finally, we looked at slabs.

  • Architect Special Interest Group February 2018 (am)

    In this session, we created a recession plane, modified slab components to work with a brick-clad wall, modeled a slab edge, imported a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Vectorworks, changed the rendering of Gable Walls, and discussed how to transfer preferred settings from one section to another.

  • Architect Special Interest Group November 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to quickly add drainage to a parking area, combine two roofs together, add dormer windows or skylights, and use the various stair tools in Vectorworks, as well as discussing the advantages of using Vectorworks Cloud Services.

  • epodcast198 – Slab Drainage

    Vectorworks 2017 introduced Slab Drainage. There is a specific tool to use to create the drainage. This tool has several modes that allow you to add a drain, edit the location and direction, connect drains together, and edit the valleys. The slab drainage can change the entire slab, or it can…

  • 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – October 2016

    In this session we looked at what’s new in Vectorworks 2017. In particular we looked at subdivision and the two new tools (mirror mode and bridge mode) and we looked at Slab drainage.