• Interactive Workshops June 2019 – Floors, Slabs, Columns, and Pilasters

    This workshop is about Floors, Slabs, Columns, and Pilasters. You might be wondering when to use a Floor and when to use a Slab. You might be like other users who use a Floor because they can’t understand how a Slab connects to a Wall. Watch these sessions. They will…

  • 3D Modeling Special Interest Group – May 2019

    In this session, we looked at how to join two hollow pipes together. This led us on to how to go back in history to edit a fillet or Shell solid. Finally, we looked at slabs.

  • Architect Special Interest Group November 2017 (am)

    In this session, we covered how to quickly add drainage to a parking area, combine two roofs together, add dormer windows or skylights, and use the various stair tools in Vectorworks, as well as discussing the advantages of using Vectorworks Cloud Services.

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2017 (am)

    In this session, we looked at slabs, and we looked at counting special parts, particularly objects where you might need to create a record format in order to count them.