• Architect_057 Architect Special Interest Group November 2014 (am)

    In this session we looked at the Select Similar tool, Reshaping Walls, Custom Selection command, adding an object to a window symbol to fill in the walls on some plans, Section Viewports, using the Clip Cube to create a Section Viewport, and creating a Detail Viewport.

  • Vectorworks Tip #179 – Basic Tools – Custom Modification

    This command allows you to select multiple objects and modify them. It uses the same concept as the custom selection command, where you have a dialog box to set the criteria for selecting the objects. After making your choices and clicking OK on the selection criteria, you then get the Properties…

  • Vectorworks Tip #175 – Basic Tools – Custom Selection

    Vectorworks allows you to select objects based on a series of custom criteria. This would allow you to select all the walls of a certain wall style, or select all objects of a certain line weight, line color, or a combination of these.

  • Vectorworks Tip #171 – Basic Tools – Select Connected Objects

    This is a great command for selecting objects that join each other. You will find this command in the contextual menu, so when you right-click on an object, you can select all of the objects that touch the selected object.