• Landscape Special Interest Group February 2018 am

    In this session, we covered how to prevent plants from rising to the surface of a site model, options for creating flat surfaces in landscapes, and options for vehicle turning circles.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group September 2017 am

    In this session, we looked at roadways, covered how Vectorworks 2018 permits you to change site contour lines directly without using site modifiers, and briefly touched on creating framing members.

  • Architect Special Interest Group May 2017 (pm)

    In this session, we looked at three main topics. We looked at how to create a car park area that slopes in two directions, we looked at creating a building project that does not use stories, and we looked at how to control the graphics of wall components.

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2017 (pm)

    In┬áthis session, we looked at capping the end of a wall, and we looked at roading on a site model. We spent most of the time looking at roading, how to set the road in relation to a site model and how to make changes to the end of a…

  • SST_1508 – Roading in Vectorworks

    This manual is the last manual on the series on site modelling on site modifying because the roading tools quite often used as site modifiers. Don’t forget to refer to the previous two month’s manuals (1506 and 1507) for more information on site modelling.┬áThis manual looks specifically at the six…

  • Interactive Workshops August 2015 (1508) – Roading

    In the sections we look at the Vectorworks roading tools. Roading is a slight challenge for Vectorworks, and that it’s not really a roading design package (which is a sophisticated topic) but it does have roading tools that can be used to create the majority of the things you need….

  • Vectorworks Tip #260 – Site Modeling – Site Modifiers – Align Stations

    Intermediate Tip – When you place a road, there is an option to send the station to the surface of the site model. But when you do that, the road might have some steep slopes as it follows the site. Aligning the stations vertically allows you to smooth out the…