• Interactive Workshops January 2017 – Resource Manager

    The Resource Manager is an extremely important part of your Vectorworks interface. It allows you to look for resources (hatches, line styles, wall styles, plants,  et cetera). So it’s important that we understand how to use it because it is will make you more efficient and improve your productivity. The…

  • Why Customise Vectorworks?

    Vectorworks has hundreds of tools and commands, and they have all been set out in the interface, or Workspace as it’s called, and they have been set out to suit most situations.

  • cadmovie886 – Vectorworks Service Select – Part 2

    Vectorworks Cloud Services is an exciting area of VSS. I allows you Vectorworks files to be used on smart phones and tablets, and it will sync your files across different computers.  

  • cadmovie885 – Vectorworks Service Select – Part 1

    Vectorworks Service Select – This is a new option to help users maximize their investment in Vectorworks software. Vectorworks Service Select is a subscription agreement that provides customers with several added benefits…

  • Interactive Workshops December 2012

    Each month we have a series of online webinars based around the short sharp training manuals that I write each month. Several clients have asked if I’m recording the session so they can watch it later. This month I decided to try recording each session and posting it here so…

  • Guide to Productivity

    Vectorworks is extremely powerful when you use it correctly. There are many, many productivity techniques you can use to make Vectorworks faster. But it’s not just about customizing Vectorworks, there are many  basic techniques that will make you faster. In this post there are over 180 links to movies. I…

  • Referencing (Workgroup Reference) – Part 3

    Referencing a Design Layer From a Separate File – Using a layer import for Workgroup Referencing keeps your work in line with the referenced file. This method is better when you have to send your work to a consultant.

  • Graphics – Part 15

    Creating Tiles – When you create a tile, you draw the object that you want to repeat, and you can see how it relates to the rest of the tile.

  • Graphics – Part 14

    Applying Tiles – Use the Resource Browser or the Attributes Palette to apply tiles.