• Document Set up – Part 6

    Setting Up Layers for the Building – You can set up the layers at any time. But, you will find it easier to set up the layer heights as soon as you can. The layer settings affect the walls and roof.

  • Document Set up – Part 5

    Creating Custom Dimension Standards – Custom dimension styles can be used instead of the standard dimensions. This allows you to create a dimension style that you like.

  • Document Set up – Part 4

    Setting Up Units For Primary And Secondary Units – Vectorworks has two settings for dimensioning, primary units and secondary units.

  • Document Set up – Part 3

    Setting The Smart Cursor Settings For Faster Drawing – There are several Smart Cursor settings. If you adjust them to suit your drawing style, you will find Vectorworks works very fast.

  • Document Set up – Part 2

    Setting Up The Page Size – You will find drawing quicker with Vectorworks if you set up the page size. The page settings will depend on your computer and printer.

  • Document Set up – Part 1

    Creating A New File – Creating a new file is easy, you can create a new blank file, or you can create a file from a template.

  • Quick Preferences

    In later versions of Vectorworks you can access quick preferences from the toolbar. In Vectorworks 2013 they have increased the number of preferences that you can access from this area. But that is not the only way that you can create quick preferences. Prior to this, you would create quick…

  • BIM_SIG_011 Special Interest Group October 2012

    Vectorworks 2013 introduced several new concepts. Two really important concepts are the detail viewports and the hierarchal classes. My belief is that both of these concepts are going to change the way you structure your classes and the way you structure your sheet layers. In this Special Interest Group will…

  • epodcast158 – Backing up and Restoring Files on Windows 7

    Windows comes with a Backup system that you can use to create daily, Weekly, Monthly backups of you most valuable files. If one of your Vectorworks files becomes corrupt, you can often go back to an earlier version to save the project.

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