• Landscape Special Interest Group May 2018 AM

    In this session, we discussed revisions: when to make a drawing a revision, tips on file names, title blocks, adding revision data, revision clouds, and keynotes.

  • SST_1011 – Intermediate Annotation

    There are several annotation tools in Vectorworks. There are the fundamental tools like the text tool, dimensions, and so on. But there are several other tools that you may not use, because you do not know they are there. That’s what this manual is about.

  • cadmovie562 – Intermediate Annotation Part 8

    Using More Than One Legend. Now you can set up as many Keynote Legends as you want, but each legend has to have a separate name.

  • cadmovie561 – Intermediate Annotation Part 7

    Change the Keynote Order in the Legend. After all the notes are placed, you may not be satisfied about the order of the keynotes. The default order is the order that the keynotes are placed,but this can be changed.

  • cadmovie560 – Intermediate Annotation Part 6

    Keynotes. There is another powerful way to use the callout with text from a database. You can tell Vectorworks to place a keynote. A keynote is where you repeat the same key (W1) and have a block of notes on the draw that have the detailed expansion of the W1 note….