• Vectorworks Tip #114 – Basic Tools – Edit the Contextual Menu

    Once you start using the Contextual Menu, you will find that some of your favourite commands are not there. You can use the Workspace Editor to edit the menus to add the commands that you prefer using. This can dramatically speed up your drawing. An easy way to customise your…

  • Interactive Workshops July 2013 – Customising Vectorworks

    Vectorworks performs really well, but if you edit the workspace and customise the arrangement of the tools and menus it will perform even better. Making these changes can save you several minutes a day and it can also make it more pleasant to use Vectorworks. Say you could save five…

  • cadmovie933 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 8

    Custom Tool/Attribute – This command is similar to custom selection but it also allows you to choose tools and settings to be saved. It creates a script like the custom selection, which will appear in a floating palette.

  • cadmovie932 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 7

    Custom Selection –  On some files I often need to carry out the same selection of objects. The Custom Selection command enables you to record your selection criteria and then to easily apply it time and time again.

  • cadmovie931 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 6

      Export Workspace – After you have added keyboard shortcuts to the required menus and  hotkeys to the tools you can export your workspace to a text document so that you have a record.

  • cadmovie930 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 5

    Tool Palettes and Tool Sets– Commands are on menus, tools are placed on tool sets. This means that you need to create a Tool Set to be able to add tools to it. You combine tool sets together on a tool palette.

  • cadmovie929 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 4

    Contextual Menus – Contextual menus appear when you right-mouse click on an object, or when you right-mouse click on an empty drawing area. If you are using a one-button Macintosh mouse, use Control+click.

  • cadmovie928 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 3

    Editing the Workspace – By default not all tools can be made visible. You may use them or not. The same applies for menu commands. If you regularly require to access hidden tools or commands you can change their visibility / accessibility by editing the workspace.

  • cadmovie927 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 2

    Workspaces – Workspace is Vectorworks’ way of describing the combination of menus and tool palettes. When you start Vectorworks you get two workspaces, the Fundamentals and the Workspace for your profession. These tools and menus may not suit your way of working.

  • cadmovie926 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 1

    Introduction – Vectorworks provides hundreds of tools and commands, set out in the interface, or Workspace as it’s called, and they have been set out to suit most situations. But it has been designed by someone else, not by yourself to suit your needs. The designers have made assumptions in…

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