• Guide to Residential Concept Design

    Many of my clients want to use Vectorworks just for conceptual design.This means that the users often want a cut-down Vectorworks interface that just shows the tools they want, to make it faster to draw. Often these users do not want to draw the walls of the building, they want…

  • Building with Walls, Roof and Windows – Part 2

    Quick Doors and Windows – You can easily make the spaces into walls with a command. It needs some editing after, but it is still quick.

  • Visualization – Part 7

    Solar Animation – You can see the sun on your model, from sunrise to sunset, in a movie, which you can share with others.

  • Visualization – Part 6

    Solar Study – Creating a solar study lets you see the way the project will work with the sun.

  • Visualization – Part 5

    Set Sun Position – You can add a sunlight to your model.

  • Visualization – Part 4

    Walkthrough Tool – The Walkthough tool is great for walking into your model.

  • Visualization – Part 3

    Flyover Tool – The Flyover tool is great for changing your view interactively.

  • Visualization – Part 2

    Renderworks Camera – The Renderworks Camera is like the set 3D view command, but it’s more flexible and easier to edit.

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