• SST_1801 – Title Block Borders and Drawing Management

    1801 Title Blocks and Document Issues Title blocks have undergone a major overhaul in Vectorworks 2018. The old Sheet Border tool has been completely replaced with a new Title Block Border tool and Drawing Issue command. The title blocks have been changed to use object styles, their layout is easier to change…

  • SST_1709 Using Cloud Services for Collaboration

    Some people do not like the idea of online storage. They do not like to have their important data stored on someone else’s server. If you haven’t heard about the cloud storage system called Megaupload, then you should read about it – it’s a sobering story. The files and documents on…

  • SST_1708 – Walls, Slabs, And Roofs

    Introduction Walls, slabs, and roofs are designed to interact. This means that when you connect a slab to walls, it will update when you move the walls. Roofs can be connected to walls so that parts of the roof are inside the building and some parts of the roof extend…

  • 1705_02 – Introduction To Interiorcad XS – Custom Cabinet

    The cabinet 3D object is often referred to as the Custom Cabinet. It uses a similar principle to the classic cabinet, but, instead of calling the divisions horizontal and vertical, they are known as boxes (horizontal) and columns (vertical).

  • 1705_01 – Introduction To Interiorcad XS – Classic Cabinet

    InteriorCAD is a powerful addition to Vectorworks; but, if you do not understand the basic concepts, you could find the dialog boxes confusing. In order to tell InteriorCAD where to put drawers and doors, you need to divide up the cabinet into what are called divisions. With the classic cabinet…

  • 1704_03 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Advanced Topics

    The advanced topics cover section viewports again, focusing on how to get the detail of the building accurately described in the section, employing sections to create details and internal room elevations, and using the Marker tools to link viewports together.

  • 1704_02 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Intermediate Topics

    The intermediate concepts cover section viewports, creating standard viewports, and creating multiple viewpoints. These concepts assume that you understand design layers and classes. There will be more detail about section viewports in the advanced topics.

  • 1704_01 – Creating Drawings For A Building Project – Beginner Topics

    The basic concepts include understanding design layers and classes and when to use a layer or a class. We will also look at using viewports to create drawings. The basic concepts assume that all the work has been done for us and that all we have to do is to…

  • 1703_03 – Record Formats – Advanced Topics

    These topics are the advanced topics. In this part of the manual we going to cover the topics that really use the power of the record formats.