• Vectorworks 2019 Courses Now Available

    I am pleased to announce that I have completely updated and expanded courses for Vectorworks 2019: Foundation Course BIM (Building Information Model) Foundation Course The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic concepts of Vectorworks. It is tempting to try to avoid these basic concepts, but these are the…

  • Vectorworks Tips 460 – Class Tags

    One of the new techniques with class filtering (see Vectorworks Tips 459) is the ability to add tags to classes. You can add more than one tag to a class so that you can choose to have the class appear in more than one filter.

  • Vectorworks Tips 459 – Class Filters

    Vectorworks 2019 has a new technique for controlling long lists of classes. You can now filter the list based on the names, visibility, or tags that you have assigned to the classes. Filters are managed through the Organization dialog box or the Navigation palette.  

  • Vectorworks Foundation Course 2019

    Released last week, Vectorworks 2019 has some powerful new features. To get the best from it, you should really be completing some form of foundation training. We are pleased to announce the completion of our Foundation course for Vectorworks 2019. This is a completely new and updated course that shows the best…

  • Vectorworks Tip 458 – How to Select Objects With Similar Record Information

    I have been running a course for landscapers this week and I had a question about selecting objects with a specific record format attached, or with a specific field value. One method is to use the Select Similar tool. This tool is designed to select objects that are somehow similar.

  • Vectorworks Tip 457 – Saved Views And Layer Combinations

    Saved Views And Layer Combinations There is a feature in Archicad call Layer Combinations that is often used to say the software is better than Vectorworks. The feature is used to set up layers (classes in Vectorworks) for viewing and designing, and to control viewports. However, Vectorworks has a similar feature called Saved Views. Vectorworks…

  • Vectorworks Tip 456 – Maximum Undos

    Maximum Undos Vectorworks has a maximum number of undos. The number is set in Vectorworks Preferences.

  • Quantity Reporting for Landscapers – Course Outline and Schedule 2018

    Quantity Reporting for Landscapers This course will introduce you to the concept of quantity reporting in Vectorworks. The course will start by looking at the concept of worksheets, how they find information, and how we can make a worksheet report the information that we want. Vectorworks is very powerful for landscape…

  • Vectorworks Tips 455 – Controlling the Elevation of a Massing Model

    You can control the elevation of a massing model by setting the Z value in the Object Info palette. You can also use the Send to Surface command. When you use Send to Surface command, Vectorworks will send the insertion point of your massing model to sit on the site…

  • Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (Landmark) 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the new landmark course for Vectorworks 2018 is finally complete. I know this has taken longer than most people expected. The course has been completely redesigned from the ground up and it now follows the structure of the two-day Landmark BIM because that has…