• Education_SIG_003 Education Special Interest Group March 2013

    In this session we looked at the resources that are on this web site and we looked at the new Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial manuals. This manual has a new chapter covering and introduction to 3D modeling.

  • Landmark_SIG_023 Special Interest Group March 2013

    This is the second session for the Landmark Special Interest Group for March 2013. The session started out with a discussion on what was included in my latest Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual for Vectorworks 2013.

  • Landmark_SIG_022 Special Interest Group March 2013

    The consensus for today’s special-interest group was to look at Renderworks styles and lighting. Renderworks styles were introduced in Vectorworks 2012 and they allow you to create a rendering style with lighting options, quality options, and background options, and then save those settings. If you store the Renderworks style in…

  • BIM_SIG_019 Special Interest Group March 2013

    In this session we looked at two main areas of Vectorworks. The first area we looked at was Constraints. Vectorworks has several constants that you can use to set up relationships between objects. The other areas we looked at were the Reshape tool and the Move by Points tool.

  • Landmark_SIG_021 Special Interest Group February 2013

    This session looked again at storing and organizing the plant library. One suggestion was to use separate files to store the plants in  so that the plants would be grouped together by the type of use.

  • BIM_SIG_017 Special Interest Group February 2013

    In this session we looked at detailing. We have covered detailing in an earlier manual, but there are always questions about how to finish the project and detail. Of course, how you detail depends on your drawing philosophy.

  • Interactive Workshops February 2013 – Animations

    Animations When you present your design you cannot be sure that others are thinking of the same thing that you are. One of the ways around this is to create images of your design, so they can see it from several views.

  • Landmark_SIG_019 Special Interest Group January 2013

    Like the other session this month, this session focused on creating and storing plants. this session also had time to look at storing plants in the default content and in the Resource Browser.

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