• cadmovie844 – Solar Study Part 6

    Solar Animation.You can use the same techniques that you used with the static viewports, but you can use them to create a dynamic solar animation.

  • cadmovie843 – Solar Study Part 5

    Trees on Adjacent Sites.Trees on adjacent sites should also be modeled, and it is easier to use an image prop.

  • cadmovie842 – Solar Study Part 4

    Solar Study Using a Site Model. The solar study will give more accurate results if you use the site model and ensure that all the objects are the correct elevation.

  • cadmovie841 – Solar Study Part 3

    Creating Viewports. To present your work to other people, it will be better to create viewports and sheet layers showing the same view at different times of the day and at different times of the year.

  • cadmovie840 – Solar Study Part 2

    Placing a Sun. If you are using an earlier version of Vectorworks, you will have to use the lighting option, Set Sun Position, from the Lighting Menu.  This command requires you to input the latitude and longitude of your location. Since Vectorworks 2012, you have a new tool to place a sun called the…

  • cadmovie839 – Solar Study Part 1

    Solar Study From an Image File.  You can create a very quick solar study by using an image file. it does not matter where you get the image file from, but if you do get the image file from Google Earth, then you can be sure that North is straight up…

  • Online Sessions for August 2012

    I have posted the online sessions for August 2012, so you can now start to register for these sessions. Workshop: Last time we looked at Creating A Solar Study, we do not have the Heliodon tool, and we used classes to control the lighting in each viewport. Now we have…

  • cadmovie611 – Site Area Analysis Part 14

    Solar Study – Create Viewports. We can turn lights on and off, but it’s a bit long-winded. It would be better to create viewports, that we could use to print.

  • cadmovie609 – Site Area Analysis Part 12

    Creating a Solar Study – Lighting. In order to complete the solar study, you need lighting, and you need a light for each time and day that you want to check.

  • cadmovie607 – Site Area Analysis Part 10

    For the existing house massing model, I created special classes for the roof and walls. Then I created special classes for the proposed massing model. This gives me the ability to change the graphic style of the existing and proposed massing models. It also gives me the ability to turn…

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