• Getting Started Special Interest Group November 2016

    In this session we looked at using Vectorworks to create the constraints on our site plan. Initially we looked at how to do this without creating a site model then we looked at creating a site model and using this to create solar studies sections and our constraints on our…

  • SST_1609 – Quick Concept Modeling

    Vectorworks has the tools and commands to quickly create a concept model. But we want mode than just a few elevations, we need to know if the main site can be subdivided, how large the project can be, and how much it might cost to construct. In this manual we…

  • cadmovie_1609-10 – Quick Concept – Part 10

    Creating A Solar Study – The solar study is extremely useful, allowing you to see the effects of the adjoining buildings, adjoining vegetation, the changing time of day, and the changing season of the year. This information can be extremely useful in helping you to design your project.

  • cadmovie_1609-09 – Quick Concept – Part 9

    Creating A Sun – Later on we going to create a solar study, but before we do that we need to place the sun in the drawing. We have a tool for placing a sun, called the heliodon. This tool allows you to place a sun, set the location, set the…

  • Landmark_SIG_078 Special Interest Group September(am) 2015

    This session was the day that Vectorworks 2016 was announced, so some of the attendees wanted to know what was new. We started by looking at what is change with site modifiers.

  • podcast 203 – Quick Solar Study

    Solar studies seem to be getting more popular with building professionals and building authorities. I am hearing a lot of my clients are being asked to provide a solar study showing the effect of their building on the surrounding properties. Of course the other reason to use a solar study…

  • BIM_SIG_056 Architect Special Interest Group October 2014 (pm)

    In this session we looked at solar studies, looking at a project that requires careful control over solar shading. In the first instance we might want to run the shading north-south. The initial thought is that running the shading north-south would leave the outdoor areas exposed to the noon sun,…

  • Landmark_SIG_054 Special Interest Group August (am) 2014

    In the session we look at two main topics; creating a solar study and creating a legend key that you could use with landscape or hardscape areas. Solar studies are becoming increasingly important. Local building authorities are starting to demand a solar study to prove your development is not adversely affecting…

  • SST_1208 Creating a Solar Study in Vectorworks

    Vectorworks can be used for quick 3D modeling. You can use Vectorworks for lighting. If you combine both of these, you can use Vectorworks to create a solar study.

  • cadmovie845 – Solar Study Part 7

    Window Shading. Another use for a solar study is to determine roof overhangs for solar shading.

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