• Landscape Special Interest Group November (am) 2016

    In this session we continued with our Getting Started sessions for landscape. We looked at site models, site modifies, adding retaining walls, adding missing models and adding hardscape areas.

  • Getting Started Special Interest Group November 2016

    In this session we looked at using Vectorworks to create the constraints on our site plan. Initially we looked at how to do this without creating a site model then we looked at creating a site model and using this to create solar studies sections and our constraints on our…

  • Landscape Special Interest Group September (am) 2016

    In this session we continued our series on moving from a 2D only workflow to a 3D workflow. We looked at creating a site model, creating a texture bed to show the area of the site, creating massing models,  and drawing a simple house.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group August (am) 2016

    This session was the first of many that we have planned to cover how to get started in Landscape 3D. There will be several sessions that will follow on from this, this session is just the start.

  • Landscape Special Interest Group June (am) 2016

    Topics Covered: 00:22   Import DXF/DWG files using Import Single DXF/DWG, looking at the Import Location options to centre the file on the drawing area 07:58   Referencing the DXF/DWG file rather than importing directly – what the advantages and disadvantages are 15:22   Moving the page area to line…

  • Linking a Building to A Site Model

      There can be a real challenge linking a building to a site. Site plans are normally drawn with North straight up the page, building plans are normally drawn so that they are orthogonal on the page which doesn’t match the orientation of the project on site.

  • Vectorworks Tip 424 – Where To Put Site Modifiers

    Many uses believe that the only place that you should store site modifiers is on the same layer as the site model. While this works very well, it is not the only place that you can locate your site modifiers. The site model settings dialog box allows you to choose…

  • Architect Special Interest Group April 2016 (am)

    in this session we looked at options for exporting a model for a client (using cloud services and  3D PDF), how to line up a mode with the site plan, creating a site model snapshot, and site model errors.

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