• Vectorworks Tip 456 – Maximum Undos

    Maximum Undos Vectorworks has a maximum number of undos. The number is set in Vectorworks Preferences.

  • Vectorworks Tip #158 – Document Preferences – Cropped Perspective

    The option for showing a cropped perspective used to be in the View menu, but in Vectorworks 2015 this has now been moved to a Document Preference. The assumption is that you will always want to use a cropped perspective all that you will always want to use and a cropped perspective….

  • Vectorworks Tip #154 – Document Preferences – Save Viewport Cache

    When you open a file that has viewports in it, you will have to update those viewports if you do not turn on Save Viewport Cache. This can save you a lot of time waiting for viewports to regenerate, especially if you have a lot of rendered or section viewports….

  • Vectorworks Tip #150 – Preferences – Autosave

    Autosave. It is really important to save your work on a regular basis and it is really important to back up your files. Autosave allows you to automatically save your work or to automatically backup your work. I choose the option to automatically back up my work and to keep…

  • Vectorworks Tip #146 – Document Preferences – Mesh Smoothing

    Some of your 3D models will look like a series of triangles making a mesh. This occurs with imported objects like cars and it will also occur on site models. the answer is to use Mesh Smoothing, one of the Document Preferences. It will dramatically smooth out the 3D model.

  • Vectorworks Tip #056 – Preferences – Turn off Auto Classing

    When you insert many of the standard Vectorworks objects, they automatically assign themselves to particular classes. If you don’t want this to happen you have to turn off Auto Classing. If you tun on Auto Classing, all of your standard Vectorworks objects will be assigned to their standard classes.

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